Failure is an option, dust your self off and start again

Characteristics common to innovators and in most cases Entrepreneurs:

  • Innovators are curious about what is happening in a myriad of disciplines, not only their own specialism
  • Innovators are open to third-party experiments with their products
  • They recognise that a useful innovation must be “robust”, flexible and adaptable
  • Innovators/Entrepreneurs delight in spotting a need that we don’t even know we harbor, and then fulfilling that need with a new innovation
  • Innovators like to make products that are immediately useful to their first users.
  • They are not over-troubled by the idea of failure
  • They know innovation requires that one works in advance areas where failure is a real possibility
  • They realise that failure can be learned from and that the ‘failed’ technology can later be reused for other purposes

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