Innovation, Natural Selection

Innovation is akin to the natural selection according to Darwin, you take a group of ideas, shake them about, test them to see which will survive the best, be it commercially, ask your customers for feedback, and then once ready launch it and let it grow. As with mother nature, some innovation ideas wont cut the muster in the real world, or other predators will kill them off before they can mature.

Innovation, it’s a finger pointing to the moon, you don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss everything happening in the heavens.

Simple distinction between an idea and an invention.:

I think an idea is something you can write about in a science fiction book or a peer review paper. You can use this to make a commercial return on your time, or use it for the benefit of the community.

An invention is when you build something that people who read about it in the science fiction book said was impossible.


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