Simple Individual Brainstorming

Brainstorming Method, help to generate ideas with the help of friends
What you need, some sheets of blank paper, blue tack or sellotape, pens, post it notes. If you have friends of similar interests or hobbies, they may have ideas that you haven’t considered, and avenues for your thoughts to follow.

 Younger You

With a group of friends, list out what you wanted to be when you were, approx aged 8, there are no limits on what you write on the paper. Write these down individually on the post it notes. Spend approx 5 minutes on this.

Older You

Again, think what you would like to do when you are aged 80. Again using the post it notes, write these down.

Current You

Now, as you are at this present moment, write down what you would like to do now, no compromises, what comes to your mind. Remember, ideas for business can come from hobbies, interests, passions and watching others in action.
Now places the stick it notes on to the sheets of paper, place the sheets onto the wall with use of blue tack (sellotape can leave marks)
Take time and compare with your friends each note on the sheet.
Generally these can be coupled into similar topics. You may see an area of interest that you can consider for a business.
Naturally, an idea that you conceive yourself is more powerful. You may now have an idea which is of a tangent to your own interests or passions. 
 We can help to prompt you in directions where your strengths lie.

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