People are thinking in new ways

“Marketing came into engineering and said we had to put extra chips in the product (Apple III), extra money, extra parts to disable the features the business users wanted when it booted up as an Apple III, so they would think Apple II was just for games,” he said.

Steve Wozniak, NAMM 2015 in Anaheim talking about the early days in Apple

Sounds familiar ?

Apple 1 & II were designed and built by Steve Wozniak before Steve Jobs saw them, they were designed to move the world forward, socially goals – communication and education


People are thinking in new ways and not just repeating what they’ve learned from books.”

courtesy of PianoManChuck

Talking about creativity, innovation, technology, Apple and his experiences along the way.

Working as a creative person, don’t work in a structured way, you need to have some creativity in your process and methods




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